TOMHET - Samblade Sotkvæden Double Pro-MC (RESTOCK)

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Double MC
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TOMHET · Samblade Sotkvæden (SECOND PRESS) 
Double Cassette · (Altare Productions / Khaotopia)

13th Anniversary double cassette compilation from the Swedish lo-fi black metal entity TOMHET, featuring all of the tracks from these out of print cassette releases: Demo 1, Strid, Brandbann'R, Eklipsens Hord Och Karavan, Purpureargotamiceps and Apokalypsimz Legend. This also includes 7 previously unreleased tracks, namely outtakes from the sessions for Strid, Eklipsens..., Purpureargotamiceps and Apokalypsimz Legend, plus 3 additional demo songs.

Near 140 minutes of audio filthiness in two cassettes, presented in shrinkwrapped cases with pro-printed U-cards and a hand-numbered insert. Second press, also limited to 300 copies.

Highest possible recommendation!