LAMECH RECORDS est 2009 v2

Lamech Records: "Exploring the darkest realms of music since 2009"

Lamech Records is a record label and distro founded and established in Västerås, Sweden in the year 2009.
The main focus as a record label has been to find and release the kind of bands that will never be forgotten, bands and artists that have that little extra and put that on their music and Art. In a few words, real Artists.
Having released a handful of albums already, much to the underground crowds praisings, we are now on the edge, about to tread new grounds. 
We look up to the skies, and we think forward and beyond.
Since its foundation we have slithered though the underground and crossed paths with some of the most exciting Artists we could gather. Our future will consist of higher quantity of bands and releases but never shall we lower our already high standard in quality.

Quality over quantity, hassle-free service, mailorder, own releases, special editions.

Lamech Sound Design: Recording, mixing & mastering services.

Lamech Sound Design has been the own Lamech Records recording facility since the beginning. The idea with the studio started already before the label was founded.

It was the will and passion of Frater D. / Hetroertzen for the  musical production and recording processes that made the studio continue exisiting for all these years

Frater D. has recorded, mixed, mastered and produced many undergorunds demos and albums during these years.

Lamech Sound Design is currently open to new projects and is offering high quality services of mixing, edition and mastering.
In the near future a studio with recording facilities will be open and available for the public.

All bands and artists needing great musical services at an affordable price are welcome to contact Lamech Sound Design at