The history of MYSTRUIN starts in February of 2006 when Ghast (vocals), Gillerström (guitars) and Lazarus (drums) came together playing with Köves (bass) joining quickly after.
Songs where worked on for a first demo and the constellation eventually came into form as MYSTRUIN after discussing different names.
The recording of the first demo "I skogens dunkel" happened in the first months of the year 2007 and the first live performance took place on the 6th of April that same year.
The period following up until the spring of 2010 saw the composing, arranging and forming of songs out of which some would become part of recording sessions in that spring, as well as a few live performances and line-up changes. In 2008 two live shows were performed, one together with live session member E./Furious on guitar, before Köves decided to depart from the band in the Summer for personal reasons. After this, Ghast, Gillerström and Lazarus decided to continue with MYSTRUIN and with them being the core for the future.
In 2009 Kfzl joined a few rehearsals playing bass and guitar but couldn't continue for distance reasons and Vlad shortly after played one gig as a live bass session member.
In the end of the year Impavidum joined as session live bass player and would later on take the role as sound engineer and mixer for the recording sessions in 2010, recordings meant for the first full-length album. These recordings were supposed to have happened earlier but got delayed as well as some songs that had been worked on never got recorded.
Later in the year of 2010 Hraesvelgr joined the band as guitarist and would participate in two live performances in 2011 as well as on the recording which would become the second demo, "För intet", before he eventually left the band in 2012. On that year Kfzl returned for a while as guitarist. In 2013 "För intet" was released by Lamech Records, and this year also saw the final work for the first album being done.

In February of 2014 the first full-length album "Gånget äro ljuset", the result of the 2010 recordings, was finally released through a collaboration between Lamech Records and MYSTRUIN.

Mystruin has been working on the recording of a new full-lenght, which will be released by Lamech Records sometime during 2019. The album title has been revealed and it will be called " Calcination".


Ghast - Vocals
Gillerström - Strings & Backing Vocals
Lazarus - Drums & Backing Vocals


I skogens dunkel - demo CD (2007)
För Intet - MC (2013)
Gånget äro ljuset - CD / LP (2014)
Calcination - CD / LP (Out 2019!)



To be announced.


Mystruin - För Intet.
"...Mystruin is actually a pretty interesting band.  They blend that usual vicious Swedish style of Black Metal with the more plodding haunting parts of the same region..."
Adam, 10th July, 2013. Subjected to Metal Webzine.

Mystruin - Gånget äro ljuset.
"...Mystruin  unleashes pure black metal savagery. The riffs sound like a buzzsaw revving in the red zone, or a swarm of titanic hornets. The drumming is furious — and technically very impressive. The vocals are frighteningly venomous. But the music isn’t a non-stop storm. Before the song ends, it drops down into a few doom-drenched dirges. The music has a very heavy low end, which enhances the apocalyptic quality of the melody. Ravaging stuff, and very well-executed..."
Islander, 18th May, 2014. No clean Singing Webzine.