To save both time and energy we have decided to collect the most common questions we often get from you. So, before you write us an email, read the following page. You might find the answer already here.

Bands / Artists:

Q: I want to be signed by your label.  What can my band do to get a release deal?
A: We are always open to sign new bands, but we don’t have the time to check all the emails we get for submissions.
First of all, you have to consider that we are looking for outstanding bands: music- and concept-wise.
The music style shall not be only limited to the Black Metal genre. We are always open to other styles, if it got the right aura in the music.
Exceptions are of course the obvious ones.

It has to be evident that you have put your heart and soul into your creations, and that your music have that “extra something”.

Q: Ok, I get it; I still think my band would fit the Lamech Records rooster. How and where should I send the demo?
A: If you want to submit your bands demo, read the following information:
Please don’t send us links to listen to and/or download your albums. We will not care to open them. Send us physical copies instead, including the following:​

-Band’s name
-Band bio including line up information
-Band statement
-Band cover and
-Artwork in case there is any.

We will check all physical demos, but we will only contact you back in case we are convinced by you.

Write us for the shipping address.

Labels / Promoters /Magazines:

Q: I run a label / distro and I would like to distribute your releases in my country.
A: Distros interested in our releases are always welcome to get in touch with us using
We have special wholesale prices and different shipment options, please write to us to get our current wholesale list.

Q: I run a mailorder and I would like to trade with you. Is that possible?
A: If you want to trade with us, please send your tradelist along with your request email at once. This will help us to save time and to contact you directly in case a trade is possible.
Please, avoid sending us emails only asking if we trade. Such messages will be ignored.

Send your trade request / tradelist to

Q: I run a label and I am interested in collaborating with you. Is that possible?
A: It depends. Sometimes we do like to collaborate with other serious labels, to release, for example, some of our already sold out albums. But this is happening very seldomly. 
If you have a proposal for us, don´t hesitate to contact us and tell us what do you have in mind. Please consider that we are not interested in getting involved in releasing bands just for the sake of releasing.

Q: I am an event organizer and I would like to book some of your bands? Who should I contact?
A: When it comes to the booking Hetroertzen:
You can write to us using or directly to

For the booking of LvxCælis, Malhkebre, Kaosophia or Mystruin, please get in touch with us here:

Write what you are organizing, where, dates, and possible line up and expect a reply within some days.

Q: I work at a magazine and I would like to interview some of your bands. How should I do?
A: For interview requests, please get in touch with the bands directly.
The following bands are accepting interviews, but please bear in mind that they will only choose to answer the most interesting ones: