The Chaos Order was formed in 2011 by Asgoroth in southern Germany after the death of his former band. Through blood and incense received, tunes and words of the other side were collected throughout the years.

In 2014 the first aural manifestations „From the tunnels of set“
were recorded at Lux Arcanum Studios.

„From the tunnels of set“ will be released on Digipak CD soon by Lamech Records.

For 2015 a EP is scheduled.

From the tunnels of set…into the untamed fire!
I am the serpent, the trident, the sickle and the light!


Asgoroth: All instruments


From the Tunnels of Set - Digipak CD 



The Chaos Order - From the tunnels of Set

"...After a few minutes of chanting, the song returns with a more uplifting guitar tone, as if what was once submerged rose again, but only for those who were willing to brave the agonizing silence. This is definitely one of the most intriguing songs I’ve heard. It’s broken down almost like a grandiose orchestral piece with different movements that paint a much broader picture..." 
Anti-matter, 18th February, 2016. Plague Haus Webzine.