LvxCaelis was formed in the year 2004 in southern Chile by Irad and former drummer Etlidur.
The band was rehearsing actively during their first years but faced many line up changes.
In early 2009 their first demo ‘Nigredo-The Dead Head’ was recorded in the form of a rehearsal. This demo caught the attention of Lamech Records, which later released this recording in pro tape format limited to 300 copies.

In the year 2011, LvxCaelis entered the studio and recorded their debut full length album ‘Mysteria Mystica Maxima 23’, released one year later by Lamech Records. This album got a very good response from the black metal underground worldwide. Frater N. joins the band that year as their bass player.

In 2012 LvxCaelis decided to perform live for the very first time. Their debut show was held in December 2012 in Santiago de Chile.

In the beginning of  2014 the band recorded a new demo called ‘Slaughtering of the Lamb’ which was meant to be an advance for their upcoming full-length. This demo was released by Lamech Records in pro tape format and limited to 300 copies. All copies sold out very fast and it got great response as well.
In the same year Irad traveled to Sweden to record the new album and perform a few exclusive dates. This time, integrating members of Hetroertzen for the live performances.
'The Watchers' was then recorded by Irad and Deacon D. on drums and released by Lamech Records in 2014. 

In 2015, LvxCaelis was invited to join Hetroertzen to their mini US tour. This was the band’s first time performing in North American soil and they got a great response there.

Between 2017 and 2018 LvxCaelis focused on preparing the material for a new album. During this time the line was completed by the addition of drummer Frater B.

Later in the autumn of 2018 LvxCaelis joined Hetroertzen and Sektarism for the “Lvx in Tenebris” European tour where they performed 10 dates along several cities of Europe. After the tour was over the band traveled to Västerås, Sweden to record their brand new album “Maher Shalal Hash Baz” which is scheduled to be released on vinyl, CD and Special edition by Lamech Records on October 31st..

“Maher Shalal Hash Baz” was recorded at Lamech Studios by Deacon D. and clearly shows the musical refinement of the band after 14 years of existence.



Line up:
Irad: Guitars and Vocals
Nimrod: Bass
Boris S.:  Drums


'Nigredo – The Dead Head' MC (2010)
'Mysteria Mystica Maxima 23' Digipack CD (2012) / Gatefold LP (2014)
'Slaughtering of the Lamb' MC (2014)

'The Watchers' CD & LP (2015) 
'Maher Shalal Hash Baz' CD, LP & Special Edition (2019) 





LvxCælis – Maher Shalal Hash Baz
"...Ritualistic soundscapes start off the album before going into a heavier musical direction while the vocals are mostly grim sounding black metal screams. A decent amount of dark sounding melodies can also be heard in the guitar riffing while all of the musical instruments also have a very powerful sound to them..."
8,5 out of 10. OccultBlackMetalZine

LvxCælis – Maher Shalal Hash Baz
"...The entire album is versatile, has groove and some surprising moments, thanks to the songwriting skills and the excellent and various voice of Magister I. The production has enough punch, makes every instrument well audible but isn`t too clean…I like it...."
VM-Underground Fanzine

LvxCælis – Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII - 90%
"...Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII cannot just be listened: it must be enjoyed in the dark, with only a candle dim light. I suggest you try it, if you want to understand the deeper meaning of black metal..."
Asag_Asakku, December 10th, 2012. Metal-archives.

LvxCælis – Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII. Evilometer: 666/666.
"...Anybody with even the slightest appreciation of Black Metal will surely enjoy ‘Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII’. In fact, anyone with a pulse should revel in the glories to be found herein. This is a superb recording in every way and is without doubt one of those rare CDs truly worthy of overused adjectives like ethereal, esoteric and eclectic. Inspirational stuff...!
December 25th, 2012. Black Metal reviews

LvxCælis – Slaughtering of the lamb.
"...The song I stumbled across on Soundcloud is “Darkening Sun. Evolving Chaos”, which will apparently be included on a forthcoming four-song Lamech release called Slaughtering of the Lamb.
The song is aptly titled. It is the sound of the sun being eclipsed, and chaos does indeed ensue as murky, eviscerating riffs vibrate ominously and the drums blast and rumble. As grim and frostbitten as the melody is, the music nevertheless has the power to set a hook in your head, even though the vocalist is trying to tear it off at the same time. A really good fusing of black and death metal..."

Islander, May 18th, 2014. No Clean Singing.

LvxCælis – The Watchers. Evilometer: 555/666
"...This is grandiose, atmospheric Black Metal with big balls, ideal for those of you who like Dødsengel and Hetroertzen (which I do, despite myself).
Melodramatic and over the top it may well be, but ‘The Watchers’ is nonetheless an enjoyable body of work and I’ve listened to this record a lotsince bagging it. Comes in a lovely gatefold jacket, with lyrics included. Lovely drum sound, too..."

September 30th, 2015. Black Metal reviews

LvxCælis - The Watchers
"...Another gem from the highly underrated Lamech Records. Black Metal with hints of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Their performance with Hetroertzen in New York was without a doubt a major highlight of the year..."
Best of the year (2015), chosen by Plague Haus webzine.