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HETROERTZEN - Flying Across the Misty Gardens
(2002 - 2018 Anniversary edition)

Title: Flying Across the Misty Gardens
CAT nr: LAMECH 2226
Year: 2018
Format: CD / LP

1. Ancient Litaniae         
2. Black Clouds Will Come     
3. Domine Exaudinos              
4. Funeral   
5. Garden of Mist 
6. In the Last Night... Storm    
7. Nocturnal
8. Under the Moonfog   

Line up: 
Deacon D.: Drums, Bass & Vocals
Åskväder: Guitars

This is a re-issue of Hetroertzen's debut album “Flying Across the Misty Gardens”, which was initially released in the year 2002.
All old guitars and bass have been re-recorded, the music has been re-mixed and remastered plus the layout has been enhanced, so this is definitely a pretty different version from the original one.


HETROERTZEN - "Flying Across the Misty Gardens" 12" LP

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