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MALHKEBRE - "Satanic Resistance" LP + CD BUNDLE

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French devotees Malhkebre present a brand new album which we are very honored to release under Lamech Records. "Satanic Resistance" is by far their best effort.

You can now order the LP + CD + digital and save money! 
By buying the album in both formats we offer 20% OFF the price, plus significantly cheaper shipment.

This bundle includes the album in digital format as well.

"...Dueling vocals, pseudo-chants and plenty of incantations to The Other Side are in abundance and the bountiful diabolism. Taking a mulitilingual approach to spreading their wretched plague far and wide with tracks titled the likes of “Black Art Macht Frei” the classic adage “Veni, Vidi, Vici” and the ominous “Join Our Cause Or Die”, Malhkebre devour the souls of non-believers and infidels faster than the impact of a suicide bomber’s explosive-loaded vehicle upon Abraham’s lackeys!..."
8.5/10 by ViaOmega Magazine

"...Records like this is what this genre needs. In a time where it seems that almost every second band try to use a certain formula to achieve „success“, Malhkebre shoving this filthy, dark and twisted opus into your face..."
Words by calligraphed.sins @ Instagram.

"...The French Black Metal quartet bears a lot of the same unhinged, gross, and dirty sound and imagery that several of their other compatriots have made famous. With their second full-length, Satanic Resistance, the band is poised to make another mark on what seems like an almost calm and stagnant genre. I can’t tell you how badly I needed to hear a record as visceral and out of control as this..."
Review by Plague Haus webzine.

"...'Satanic Resistance' is a twisting and tortured slab of black metal rooted in the most vital Satanic rites; abyssal hymns characterised by raw hateful riffing that evokes the best of traditional black metal, and churning dissonance, reminiscent of the modern French black metal scene. In particular, the record evinces a deep dedication to Satanism, and to its associated ritualistic practices. You should agree that Black metal needs to come back to its primitive roots, and the audience needs to be reminded of the violent and uncompromising nature of this form of art. This record is stunning in that way..."
Words by metalfaceguy @ Instagram.