EMME YA‎– Ophidian Fetish Mandala – Special CD

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"Ophidian fetish mandala", is the transmission in a serie of substantial inner process through the black sun,the alchemical process visualizing parallel enigmatic paths,suggestive paradigms through more than 45 minutes of dense ritual dark ambient in its most pure form. The Cd comes with 5 cards of the ophidians vibrations focused while creating the whole album.
Each manifestation here, is a deep process of spiritual trancendence in search for the black sun rays, lighting our paths beyond aeons and aeons...

Apska Ma isut!! lex ma tir imul!! 

1-Zoomorphic Scarlet Vessel
2-Arcana of the waters of the bloodred moon
3-The Forbidden Elixir
4-sigillum sabbati
5-Yantra Of The Spider Goddess

"Though liminal vacuity in thousand trendils
the liquid light emerging through an ocean of darkness
and an astral black sun shining,in the zenit horizon
beyond the ophidian fetish mandala "
Edgar Kerval 2014

Limited edition of 493 copies.