LAMECH RECORDS est 2009 v2

KAOSOPHIA - Serpenti Vortex - 12" LP

159 kr
Inc. 25% Tax
-150 heavy-weight black 12" Lp
-150 heavy-weight splatter 12" Lp
-Rough side printed jacket.
-8 page booklet with lyrics and artwork done by Dávid Glomba.
-Limited edition

“Enter the Devotion” is tyrannical and magisterial, doom-shrouded and savage, hallucinatory and harrowing. The somber melody of the song’s introduction gives way to frenzy and unease in equal measure, with furious assaults trading places with slow, dissonant arpeggios. I applauded the changing dynamics of that song and its success in generating both blood-rushing energy and brain-twisting psychosis.
“Fall Into Singularity” is also harrowing, due in part to the terrible passion of the vocals and the searing intensity of the fierce, dramatic guitar melody. But this song, while incinerating in its force, has an atmosphere of mythic, warlike grandeur. It’s easy to be carried away by it from start to finish..."
Islander / No clean singing.