HETROERTZEN - Phosphorus Vol I - 12" LP

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HETROERTZEN new album ‘Phosphorus Vol 1’ has its title taken from the Vampiric - eucharistic ritual of the “Ecclesia Gnosticae” (Gnostic Church). The band unleashes a remarkable celebration of their unique and trademarked Luciferian Black Metal and welcome you in their unhealthy dark spiritual world .

Tracklisting :
1 The Arrival 
2  Sea in Black 
3 The Hall of Wonders 
4 Absorption of the Current l  
5  Absorption of the Current II 
6 Vultus Satani
7 Et in Arcadia Ego 
8 I am Sickness I am Death 
9  Pantokrator 
10 The Conjuring of the Seven Spirits (CD bonus track)

“Assuming that good old black metal is covered in ice and dark guitars with lonely dissonances, on this record, you’ll find the classic arpeggios of BM’s glory years, guttural, raw vocals and spoken passages that will stab your heart and go freeze your veins.” Black Metal Cult 7,8 /10
“It’s a substantial and ambitious otherworldly consignment of ritualistic, occult art, harrowing, haunting and steeped irredeemably in sheer horror and dread..” Swallowed in Black 666/666
“The band's music speaks for itself so convincingly that it works perfectly even if you have no interest in it to dive into the thematic worlds of  HETROERTZEN” Deaf Forever 8,5/ 10
“In  my  opinion  Hetroertzen  are  a  very  great  sounding  occult  black  metal  band  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you  should  check  out  this  recording.” Occult Black Metal Zine 8/10
“Ultimately, Phosphorus Vol 1 is a black metal composition that’s robust with a dark atmosphere and taboo concepts.” New Noise Magazine 4 /5
“Phosphorus Vol I will hypnotize a receptive audience, while offering some Old School sounds to attract the curious ones.” Acta Infernalis 75/100
“Hetroertzen takes the listener to the deepest and darkest corners of human existence.” White Room Reviews
“You’ll especially dig it if you prefer mid-ranged vocals over the standard screeching, along with dissonant riffs and pounding rhythms that evoke high drama and get the imagination going.” Decibel Magazine
“A quality creation, full of strength as well as mastery." Les Eterneles Mag 14/20
“Hetroertzen are definitely worth discovering in Black Metal circles if you don't know them yet. The dark, occult themes are conveyed authentically, the Black Metal is sometimes staged in an old school way, sometimes in a more atmospheric way." Rock Castle Franken 7/10
"Creepy, dark and haunting, Phosphorus Vol I is probably the best black metal album of this year." Vecteur Magazine
"A seventh capital sin for the Swedes of Hetroertzen which already calls for a next one". Metal Obs' Magazine
“When fire meets water. When the dark must bring you to the light” Metallian
"HETROERTZEN, - just remember the name and join their mystical universe." Scream Magazine 5/6
"All songs on "Phosphorus Vol I" flow into each other, creating a real work of Art." Legacy - The Voice From The Dark Side 13/15