HETROERTZEN - "Flying Across the Misty Gardens" 12" LP

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HETROERTZEN - "Flying Across the Misty Gardens" 12" LP (2002 - 2018 Anniversary edition)

This is a re-issue of Hetroertzen's debut album “Flying Across the Misty Gardens”, which was initially released in the year 2002.
All old guitars and bass have been re-recorded, the music has been re-mixed and remastered plus the layout has been enhanced, so this is definitely a pretty different version from the original one.

The LP version is limited to 300 copies, and includes:

-100 copies heavy-weight milky clear with black marble 12" Lp
-200 copies heavy-weight black 12" Lp
-Rough side printed jacket on 350 grs cardboard, UV spot lacquer and metallic silver ink.
-Black flood inside.
-Rough side printed innersleeves, 300 grs cardboard.
- 8 page 21x21 cms insert including old band pictures and exclusive interview.

1. Ancient Litaniae         
2. Black Clouds Will Come     
3. Domine Exaudinos              
4. Funeral   
5. Garden of Mist 
6. In the Last Night... Storm    
7. Nocturnal
8. Under the Moonfog   

Line up: 
Deacon D.: Drums, Bass & Vocals
Åskväder: Guitars

Released by Lamech Records.