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THE CHAOS ORDER - From the Tunnels of Set

Title: 'From the Tunnels of Set'
CAT nr: Lamech 2224
Year: Out 2016
Format: Digipak CD
Special edition: No

1. Initation  
2. The Self Immolation Rite  
3. Feasting the Black Earth 
4. The Cult of the Dead   
5. Nameless Shadows  
6. The Kingdom Beyond  
7. From the Tunnels of Set

Line up:
Lord Asgoroth - All instruments

Additional information:
From the Tunnels of Set is the debut full length of The Chaos Order.
Lamech Records will release it on a Digipak CD format.

Recorded and mixed by Asgoroth at Lux Arcanum Studios
Mastered at AGON Recording by Marcus Winter
Photographs by B.Alberts & J. Hafner