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VELUM - Ab Innocentia Ad Cælos

Title: 'Ab Innocentia Ad Cælos'
CAT nr: LAMECH 2220
Format: EP
Special edition: No

1. Apocalypsis
2. Alleviatio

Line up:
An. - Drums & Guitar
Ha. - Bass
Me. - Vocals

Additional information:
"Ab Innocentia Ad Cælos" is released on a deluxe 7" EP vinyl and digital. 
The vinyl version is a heavy -weight black wax including insert with lyrics. 
Majestic and mystical black metal of death with a pure and undeniable rock and roll attitude. This is a first glance of what the future of Velum will bring.  
Mysterium Iniquitatis.

VELUM - Ab Innocentia Ad Cælos 7"EP Bundle - 7" EP bundle

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