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Today, black metal visionaries LvxCaelis premiere the new track "The Beginning Was the End" at heavily trafficked web-portal The track hails from the band's highly anticipated third album, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, set for international release on October 31st via Lamech Records.
A symbiosis of spiritual black metal and its Bathorian antecedent, here LvxCaelis create a shimmering cavern of haunting splendor, of cosmic weight verily crushed with the tyranny of true masters. Mystical and mesmerizing, Maher Shalal Hash Baz is the sound of LvxCaelis at the very peak of their powers. Hear "The Beginning Was the End," the first track to be revealed from the new album, in its entirety exclusively HERE.

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“…Swift are the spoils, speedy is the plunder…”

We are very proud to announce that LvxCælis new album “Maher Shalal Hash Baz” will be released on the night of October 31st as limited 12" LP, CD and special edition.

Expect seven hymns of crushing and ominous black n’ roll metal delivered in a vicious yet sophisticated way!

Tracklist of “Maher Shalal Hash Baz”:
1. Beyond the Falling Stars. 
2. Fading into Golgotha. 
3. Throne of Doom. 
4. The Beginning Was The End. 
5. Kiss the Skull. 
6. Raising Above the Demiurge. 
7. Awakening the Final Chaos.

Album cover by Åskväder / 109 Art
First single will be revealed some weeks prior to the release.

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Limited stock of merch. coming from Battlesk'rs.
- The Black Hole Of The Soul MCD
FARULN - The Black Hole Of The Soul MLP
MALHKEBRE - Prostration MCD
MALHKEBRE - Logo Patch
MALHKEBRE - Obscurus Religiosus Patch
OSCULUM INFAME - The Axis of Blood CD

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Limited stock of great stuff made in Dalarna, Sweden.
– “Eitrkvikja” MC
FELON WIND – ”Felon Wind” 10" LP  
TOMHET – "Tomhet" 12” LP             
WAGNER ÖDEGÅRD – ”Om Domedag och de Femton Järtekn” MC     
WULKANAZ - Wulkanaz 12” LP (re-press)
WULKANAZ - Wulkanaz CD
WULKANAZ - Wulkanaz MC 

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We are glad to announce that Lamech Studios website is now up and running.
Formerly known as Lamech Sound Design, Lamech Studios is responsible for the production and recording of most of our releases.
If you are a band or record label looking for professional sound services at a fair price and fast service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with him.
Lamech Studios is based in Sweden and is owned by Deacon D. (Hetroertzen, Die Kunst Der Finsternis). 

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“Bearer of the Somber Flame” is the first single taken from Portae Obscuritas upcoming album
“Lvx Atra Aeterna” , out soon on LP / CD / DIGITAL through Lamech Records.

“Lvx Atra Aeterna” is the second full length from the Austrian Black Metal band Portae Obscuritas. 
Expect 7 fierce tracks of dark, enchanting black metal!
Pre-orders for this album will start shortly.

Free download of "Bearer of the somber Flame" here:

Video created by Deacon D. / Lamech Sound Design

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We welcome the spring with a new distro update and restocks coming from Season of Mist.
CRAFT - White Noise And Black Metal 12”LP (RESTOCK!)   
CRAFT - White Noise And Black Metal CD
CRAFT - Terror, Propaganda - Second Black Metal Attack 12”LP         
CRAFT - Terror, Propaganda - Second Black Metal Attack CD DIGIPAK
CRAFT - Total Soul Rape 12”LP                     
CRAFT - Total Soul Rape CD DIGIPAK
CRAFT - Fuck The Universe Gatefold DLP      
CRAFT - Fuck The Universe CD DIGIPAK     
WATAIN - Casus Luciferi CD (RESTOCK!)    
WATAIN - Lawless Darkness CD (RESTOCK!)
WATAIN - Sworn To The Dark CD


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We present a new song from the recently released MALHKEBRE album "Satanic Resistance".
Video clip by Vincent Eyer.

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This is the last part of a huge distro update that we have been working with during the past weeks.
Limited stock of releases coming from Amor Fati Productions, Terratur Possessions and Ván Records.

ARKHTINN - 最初の災害 12“LP
BAŠMU – Compilation 12“LP
DARVAZA – Darkness In Turmoil Digipack CD
HWWAUOCH - s/t 12“LP
MÚSPELLZHEIMR /Aiwīgaz Unðergangaz Split 10'' LP
ONE TAIL ONE HEAD – One Tail, One Head 12“ MLP
ONE TAIL ONE HEAD – Worlds Open, Worlds Collide LP & Pic LP
ONE TAIL ONE HEAD – Worlds Open, Worlds Collide Digipack CD
SAQRA’S CULT - The 9th King 12“LP
SINMARA – Hvisl Stjarnanna 12“LP
SINMARA – Hvisl Stjarnanna Digipack CD
SVARTIDAUDI – Revelations Of The Red Sword 12“ vinyl
SVARTIDAUDI – Revelations of The Red Sword Digipack CD
VOIDSPHERE - To Await | To Expect 12“LP
WHOREDOM RIFE – Nid: Hymner Av Hat Digipak CD 

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This is the third part of a huge distro update that we are working with right now.
Limited stock of releases coming from Signal Rex!
BLACK HOWLING Return of Primordial Stillness - 12"LP
NAÐRA Allir vegir til glötunar Digipack CD (RESTOCK!)
NORNAHETTA Synesthetic Pareidolia – 12″LP (RESTOCK!)
SAMMA'S EQUINOX Compilation - 12"LP
ÖRMAGNA s/t - 12"LP

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This is the second part of a huge distro update that we are working with right now. Limited stock of releases coming from Osmose Productions!
ARCKANUM Helvitismykr 12” LP
ARCKANUM Fenris kindir 12” LP
BLACK WITCHERY Inferno of sacred destruction 12” LP
IMMORTAL Battles in the north 12” LP Gatefold (RESTOCK!)
IMMORTAL Diabolical fullmoon mysticism 12” LP Gatefold (RESTOCK!)
IMPALED NAZARENE Tol cormpt norz norz norz... 12” LP
IMPALED NAZARENE Tol cormpt norz norz... CD (RESTOCK!)
MARDUK Heaven shall burn... When are gathered 12” LP (RESTOCK!)
MARDUK Fuck me jesus 12” LP
REVENGE Infiltration. Downfall. Death 12” LP
REVENGE Scum. Collapse.Erradication 12” LP
REVENGE Triumph. Genocide. Antichrist12” LP
REVENGE Victory. Intolerance. Mastery 12” LP
SAMAEL Worship him 12” LP
SAMAEL Worship him CD (RESTOCK!)


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MALHKEBRE's latest album was reviewed by Via Omega Magazine and it scored 8.5 out of 10!

"...Dueling vocals, pseudo-chants and plenty of incantations to The Other Side are in abundance and the bountiful diabolism. Taking a mulitilingual approach to spreading their wretched plague far and wide with tracks titled the likes of “Black Art Macht Frei” the classic adage “Veni, Vidi, Vici” and the ominous “Join Our Cause Or Die”, Malhkebre devour the souls of non-believers and infidels faster than the impact of a suicide bomber’s explosive-loaded vehicle upon Abraham’s lackeys!..."

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You can now order Die Kunst Der Finsternis - Alter Schwarz Metall.

-Black vinyl edition, limited to 300 copies.
-Rough side printed jacket with black flood inside. 
-Plays at 45 RPM!
-The digital album will be included.

We also offer both Queen of Owls and Alter Schwarz Metall Lps as a bundle for a way cheaper price.


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This is the first part of a huge distro update that we are working with right now.
Limited stock of releases coming from Amor Fati Productions, End all Life Productions,  Zazen Sounds and Immortal Frost Productions.
A​.​I​.​T​.​H​.​G. & Nam​-​Khar – “Gyalwa Gyamtso” Digipack CD
ARKHTINN – ”最初の災害” Digi CD
ARS VENEFICIUM –“The Reign Of The Infernal King” 12” LP
ARS VENEFICIUM – “The Reign Of The Infernal King” CD
DOEDSVANGR – ”Satan ov Suns” Gatefold DLP
DOEDSVANGR – ”Satan ov Suns” CD
ESSENZ – ”Manes Impetus” Digi CD
OATH – ”Mustan Liekin Veljeskunta” CD
RICHARD MOULT – “The machair that covers the Saints” Digipack CD
SAQRA’S CULT – ”The 9th King” CD
SEKTARISM – “Fils de Dieu” Gatefold DLP
ZAZEN SOUNDS – Magazine Issue #5

Part II coming soon...


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Our upcoming releases, due to February 25th, are here! They look and sound great.
All pre-orders wil be now packed and shipped.
Thanks a lot for the support!

 #upcomingreleases #malhkebre
#diekunstderfinsternis #vinyledition
#amorfatiproductions #blackmetal

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The american webzine Plague Haus had listened to the upcoming MALHKEBRE album and they have great things to say about it.

"...The French Black Metal quartet bears a lot of the same unhinged, gross, and dirty sound and imagery that several of their other compatriots have made famous. With their second full-length, Satanic Resistance, the band is poised to make another mark on what seems like an almost calm and stagnant genre. I can’t tell you how badly I needed to hear a record as visceral and out of control as this..."


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Pre-orders are now possible for the upcoming Malhkebre.
Choose beetwen:
-Digipack CD
-LP (black or special)
-CD + LP bundle (20% OFF!)

All pre-orders will include the album in digital format.
Release date: February 25, 2019.

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"Maher Shalal Hash Baz"

“Revenant in a Phantom World”
(In collaboration with Amor Fati Productions)

“Lvx Atra Aeterna”


A sneak peek of what is about to come. In no particular order...

“Exaltation Of Wisdom”- MC edition.

“Calcination” - CD / LP. New album!

“TBA” - CD / LP / Special Edition. New album! 
....and more....