SAPIENTIA introduces song from upcoming album

”…Death is not the End.
Nor the way of Salvation.
But a higher state of being…”

In reverence to Mercury and its significance to the inner alchemical process, unto which Sapientia dedicates their new Work entitled ”Circvlata Mercvrivs”, due to be released on CD, LP and digital by Lamech Records in the Summer and Fall of 2016. 

Sapientia continues to explore new means in their musical, as well as their lyrical approach, in different directions yet staying firmly within their renowned dark death metal sound. Some surprises is scattered all around, especially in the grand 22 – minute suite ”Thesaurus Lucis”.

The album was recorded in Lamech Sound Design in late Autumn of 2015, and mixed and mastered in the winter of 2015 / 2016. Now, enjoy an excerpt in the form of a full song, titled ”Descendants of Babylon” on the link below.



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